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Our goal is to create a Legacy of outstanding basketball players, good citizens with strong family values, and individuals who chase their goals and dreams. Our programs, which start as early as third grade, not only help your child build their athletic resume, but will help them develop self-confidence, learn how to set and achieve goals, and build their character and work ethic.


The LAB’s mission is to inspire, nurture, and develop strong and passionate young people not only for their future in sports, but for their daily lives.

We do this by being dedicated to:

  • Building integrity, character, and self-discipline among young student-athletes
  • Providing elite-level skills training opportunities that support long-term goals
  • Developing strong work ethics both on and off the court or field
  • Helping create individuals dedicated to enriching their community

"The LAB coaches from Coach Hunter and Coach Price to Coach Devon and Coach Geordan do an excellent job of setting the foundation based on the fundamentals of the sport and expanding from there. They drill the fundamentals into the athlete and expect hard work and dedication. I LOVE to watch these young athletes work so incredibly hard and rise to the expectations set for them."


"The LAB sets a very high bar in terms of expectations for work ethic, team work, self responsibility and all around character."

"I love the motto, “We Work.”  It’s this direct expression that says benefits will be reaped if you are willing to put in the work. No one improves without practicing, training, studying, researching… The LAB teaches skills, training, and proper technique, but they are also teaching the kids that each individual, regardless of skills, background, finances, or social status has incredible potential that should not be limited whether in sports, school, or life. The LAB is willing to be part of that group to push them and believe in them, and then they need to put in the Work."