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Photo by: Danny Hall

Sherman W. Hunter II -  Owner/Operator, Executive Visionary

What does “THE LAB” mean to me? Why am I here? 

The LAB means everything to me; it offers the ability to make a difference to not just a few individuals, but to the community. I have dreamed about doing something like this for over two decades. Being able to positively mentor our youth provides a successful future for them and our community. As a parent of three children, I know how important it is to find ways to inspire our kids.

My coaching experiences have exposed me to high level basketball across the country: Salt Lake City, Denver, Seattle, San Diego, and Portland. This exposure allowed me to absorb information from a professional level of coaching, training, and physical fitness. Each city offered its own philosophy of how the game should be played, and how it should be taught.

My role:

My role is to find what each player needs individually to discover and develop their identity not only as a basketball player, but as a person. My goal is to teach them how to play this game at an elite level, and with a respect for the game an appreciation for hard work.



Kes Noles - Operational Manager/Coach

Why do you coach for the LAB?
I coach at the LAB because it  stands for much more than just a basketball program. I coach at the LAB because not only are we developing athletes but our goal is to help develop great people and members in our community.

What does the LAB mean to you?
This program is something I wish I would have had growing up in Medford. The LAB is filled with potential and opportunity for each player that walks in. The one on one trainings along with the advanced team play is something we’ve never had in this town and I am excited and grateful to be a part of an awesome organization.

What is your coaching goal?
Coaching inspires me because I love being in a position to help someone better themselves on and off the court. My goal is to not only help each player advance their skills in basketball but also make it a great experience for anyone who comes into the program. I want these players to have a great time playing and help them build their confidence to be an outstanding athlete and person.

Something interesting about you:
My name comes from Star Trek.
I also attend beauty school and will be getting my license in hair and esthetics.


Geordan Edmond - Trainer/Coach

Why I wanted to become a LAB coach:
I would say the main reason is because I’ve been training most of these kids for a year, building a great relationship with them and their parents and just improving their game as much as I possibly can. Now that I coach, I can be in a situation where I’m able to see the outcome of my trainings and what some kids can still work on.

What the LAB means for me:
The LAB is a place where we can get kids minds focused on something bigger than getting themselves in trouble and staying off the street.

What is your goal for the players?
My goal is to get every player to that next level. Allow them to have the confidence to always go into a basketball scenario ready for action and no hesitation to make the right decisions.  

Interesting thing about me:
I produce music


Sean McManamon - Next Level Trainer

Why do you coach for the LAB?
I coach for the LAB because there is an opportunity to impact each person that comes through the door in one way or another. The LAB also gives me the opportunity to have an effect on athletes by helping them achieve their fitness goals.


What does the LAB mean to you?
The LAB to me is more than just a gym. The LAB has a unique style that is unparalleled to anything else here in the rogue valley. Having a resource such as the LAB is a huge step for improving the athletic culture in the rogue valley.


What is your coaching goal?
My coaching goal is to provide each athlete with the time and resources to better themselves as an athlete or person within the community. Additionally, I am eager to learn as much as I can with my time here at the LAB.


Something interesting about yourself
I coach for SOU's mens soccer team.

Isaac Mcqueen - Coach

Why do you coach for the LAB?
Basketball has been a cornerstone in my life since I can remember. My love for the game was instilled in me through my father and the various coaches I have had since I began playing this game 22 years ago. I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to help young players realize their potential by coaching with this fantastic organization.

What is your coaching goal?
As a coach, I believe it is my obligation to pass on both knowledge and passion to players who are seeking to better their game.

What does the LAB mean to you?
The LAB offers a unique environment in which players receive individualized training as well as the opportunity to play with some of the best talent around the valley. The LAB is the perfect platform for players, with hard work and dedication, to become the best basketball players they can be.

Something interesting about you:
My name is Isaac McQueen. I am originally from Kelseyville, California but I have lived in the Rogue Valley for the past seven years.


Jarrett Artale - Team Manager/Trainer/Coach

Why did you want to coach for the LAB?
I've always wanted to be involved with youth sports but never saw something that inspired me until I had my first conversation with Sherman. I knew after just a few minutes of speaking to Sherman that this was where I needed to be. Southern Oregon has needed a program like this for a long time.

What does the LAB mean to you?
The LAB means we get to teach these young kids how to become great people where they get to come and not worry about anything else going on in their life for an hour or two and work on their craft. The best part about The LAB is developing the life skills in these young athletes, it’s what gets me excited to work with these kids everyday.

What is your goal for the players?
My goal for the players is to teach them life lessons through the game of basketball, such as, good work ethic, desire to be better, how to be punctual and prepared, social skills and interactions with coaches. I would love for our athletes to learn these life skills while continuing to develop their craft and have them ready for college.

Something interesting about you:
I am a North Medford Alumni, I played two years of college basketball at The College of Siskiyous. I am very thankful for the opportunity I have and these kids have.


Josh Cline - Next Level Trainer

Why do you coach for the LAB?
I coach for the LAB because it’s an opportunity help to change and better the community. Whether I’m training young athletes, or adults, I know when I step into the building and put on my coaching cap I can help make a strong impact someone’s life.

What does the LAB mean to you?
To me The LAB is the land of opportunity. We strive to prepare and coach each athlete/person to give there all in everything they do. When I was a young upcoming athlete a place like this didn’t exist. We didn’t have mentors, or coaches willing to go beyond their means. WE DO THAT!

What is your coaching goal?
My coaching goal isn’t just to impact the lives of everyone I train through fitness, but on a level where they can apply it to their everyday lives. I hope to reach out to people and our community using the skills we teach to help mold them into great leaders. I also hope to learn and gain as much experience as possible.

“A closed mind, is a dying mind.” - Edna Ferber

Something interesting about yourself
I started my training career in 10th grade. I was a teachers assistant for special needs and was asked if I knew how to train people. Before I knew it I was the PE teacher for 45 students on a daily basis.


Cravon Rogers - Next Level Trainer

Why do you coach for the LAB?

I train for the LAB to give young athletes that don't have access to elite training, the proper foundation and competitive edge they need to dominate and excel in their respective sport and position.

What does the LAB mean to you?
The LAB in my view, is an organization that values the cultivation of young athletes by focusing on the fundamentals of athleticism and mental toughness on and off the field/court.


What is your coaching goal?
My training goal is to maximize the full potential of each athlete giving them the confidence to handle adversity with poise and tenacity.


Something interesting about yourself
Born and raised in Houston, Texas
Played Defensive Back at Morgan State University from 2013-2018
Little brother Kase Rogers plays tailback for Oregon State University
I am OBSESSED with food and movies.



Photos by: Danny Hall