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NEXT LEVEL was developed to achieve what its title represents. The goal with Next Level was to create a program to inspire people to become the best version of themselves.

This program was developed to support not only our youth, but adults as well.  Within our Next Level University, we will provide you with a multitude of different programming that is meant to help you regardless of your goal to become the best that you can be.


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Next Level University is the first of its kind; we represent the player as if we were representing a candidate looking for a job. We prep your child as an athlete with all the factors necessary to position them for a successful interview and placement with their dream college. We have the experience, the resources, and the connections to get them in front of college coaches - and we won’t quit until they’ve reached the Next Level.

Figuring out the first step of college recruiting isn’t easy. Extensive research or lengthy conversations with coaches can feel overwhelming and likely won’t provide you with clear direction. Every athlete’s road to success is different, and we want to help your child find theirs. Our goal is to be your support engine - providing you with the information about the recruiting process while working to improve your child’s athleticism. We want families to feel reassured knowing that we have the drive and motivation to give your child the opportunity to play for a college team. 

We provide and maintain the following for you as a Next Level University client:

  • Provision of Colleges to select for recruitment purposes
  • The ability to communicate directly with the college coaches
  • Development and refinement of your social media
  • NLU recruiters will select 10 colleges to be communicated with
  • Player skill level evaluation for college selections
  • Financial aid advisement
  • Development of your athletic resume
  • Game Highlight Videos for coaches viewing
  • Game film review for statistical improvement
  • Training Videos developed for coaches viewing
  • Elite Skills training provided for increased statistical output
  • Maintenance of your academic achievements/transcripts for college viewing
  • Achievement strategies for extracurricular activities
    • Community volunteer work
    • Charity volunteer work
  • Selection of camps and showcase events to attend
  • Direct communication from our Next Level recruiters on your behalf with the college coaches
  • Instruction provided as to how to communicate with the coaches effectively (we will prepare you for the interview)
  • Interview your high school coach for your athletic resume

Your strategy as a prospect has to be the same as with what the college coaches would do.  You need to create a pipeline of possible options.

At Next Level University we will help you with the development of that pipeline.  We understand that the bigger the pipeline the higher your percentages are of successfully landing at the college that is right for you on a personal, academic, social, and athletic level.  

At Next Level we have researched on your behalf all of the different camps, showcase events, club teams, and tournaments held for college coaches to attend for viewing purposes within the Pacific NW.  Our goal at Next Level is to assist you with the development of a recruiting profile, which we term as your athletic resume.

As a member of Next Level, we will provide you with a free profile, so that coaches can find you, and evaluate you from a distance.  Our goal is to make it easy for coaches to find you through social media, your profile, camps, viewing tournaments, email communications, and continued following of your profile.  With our recruitment department we work diligently to get your name in front of college coaches, This could translate to a campus visit, phone call, or a tournament viewing.

What does Next Level provide you as our candidate, one of the most important pieces is that we will send your letters of interest to the coaches on your behalf. Now once that step happens our goal is to help you to achieve the following:

  • Let’s try and get you invited to a camp
  • Stir up some interest in the coaches to provide you with an interest letter
  • A recruitment questionnaire provided

Once these steps take hold it is not over from there, there needs to be a response from you as a potential candidate.  It needs to be timely, precise, and stimulate continued interest from the coaches. We can help you with that process as well.


College athletic recruiting is a matrix with a lot of moving parts that require a process, system, and a strategy.


What is your first step as a player, or parent?  You can scour through books, or have seemingly long conversations with coaches as to how can I get my child recruited.  With some of those conversations there is an answer, but is it the right answer? For some parents yes, but for others no.  Coaches have so much to do, and for most instances they do not have the time to execute everything that they would like to do, or what is required.  As far as with the parent’s, balancing other kids schedules and their activities, school, work and any other activities, it’s tough to find the time to do the research and piece it all together.

To prevent dreams from not happening we have created Next Level University.  Our goal is to appropriately provide a recruiting mechanism and communication model that allows families to be reassured knowing that we have an unrivaled goal and motivation to get your kids the opportunity to play at the Next Level.  With the proper steps being outlined for families, and parents alike we will save you the time and frustrations associated with handling the recruiting basics. We care tremendously on giving kids a chance to live out their dreams of playing at the Next Level.

How do college coaches recruit players?  

Well for many coaches it’s a mass mailing, contact list filled with hundreds of viable options that may fit their program.  They have to look at these players with a common strategy; reviewing highlight reels, training videos, social media, showcase events, exposure tournaments, and other coaching referrals.  

Those large numbers become smaller and smaller based upon very detailed evaluation and research.  Those large numbers get smaller and smaller, based upon these coaches and recruiters cannot afford to make a mistake, not only is it your career and college experience, but it also for them as well.  These are the typical steps coaches will take to get to their final recruits.

Coaches treat recruiting just like a company looking for a candidate

How do coaches qualify the recruits that they are interested in?  Just like a job candidate, let’s start with a pool of recruits/candidates, and then establish what the criteria may be to make the first cut.  

Some of your basic qualifiers would be items such as:

  1. Graduation year
  2. Grade average
  3. Position played
  4. League accolades
  5. Geographic area
  6. Height
  7. Weight

To find their possible recruits they use recruiting hubs such as the below mentioned:

  • Highschool coaches
  • Club programs
  • Messages and contact made by the potential candidates/recruits
  • Third-party recruiting options such as Next Level University (we specialize on the Pacific NW)
  • Camps and showcases where they can see many potential recruits in one place

Next Level University takes pride in evaluating talent, we have seen numerous players and parents for that matter spend time, energy, and resources pursuing the wrong divisions. There are some players that believe they are Division I talent, and may actually do much better for themselves as a Division II prospect.
On the flipside of that coin, we have some players that have Division I talent, but have not been exposed in a way that would allow for coaches to see them play. Our goal is to find a home for whichever scenario, we evaluate our recruits, and try and provide the best assessment possible for a successful placement.
We will maintain a simple ranking which will equate to a simple understanding of what category you would fall in as a player.

You think this would be understood, but most players don’t know what are their options, Div. I, II, III, or NAIA, even Junior College.  Once you determine that, where do I want to go? Now lets talk about creating something that would draw in the college coaches, what do they look for?


  • Division I
      • Division I category is the most competitive and the highest level of scholarships provided, your focus is heavily locked in on your sport and your academics.  This will and most resembles being in the workforce while still in school


  • Division II
      • Division II category represents more of a balance between academics and athletics, scholarships can be provided at this level based upon its competitive environment.  The financial aid opportunity is relatively high (60% or higher)


  • NAIA
      • Division II – NAIA are smaller in nature, and are an ideal landing spot for those student athletes looking to stay competitive, the environment parallels to a Div. III level.  The campuses are smaller and a more private environment; athletic scholarships, and financial aid are available within this level


  • Division III
      • Division III category does not offer scholarships, but there is financial aid which would allow the experience to be as rewarding as a Div. II, or Div. I environment.  The focus within a Div. III level is high academics, and the degrees provided are very significant and highly sought after. There is a high percentage of athletes around 80% that do receive financial aid to attend the university


  • IVY League 8
      • Brown University.
      • Columbia University.
      • Cornell University.
      • Dartmouth College.
      • Harvard University.
      • Princeton University.
      • University of Pennsylvania.
      • Yale University.
        • This level is the most competitive from an academic to athletic standpoint.  There are no scholarships provided, and financial aid is provided for those that qualify through the Financial Aid department. Most families with an annual income less than $65,000 don’t make any contribution to their student-athlete’s education, while families with an annual household income between $65-$180,000


  • JUCO Level  
    • Junior College category provides athletes with the opportunity to get their academics up, save for tuition costs, as well as transition slowly into a higher-level competitive forum.  At times staying close to home and gaining the exposure and experience of a college environment is truly a valuable opportunity for many

Next Level Training

Next Level Training is geared towards adults looking to increase lean muscle mass, weight loss, increased strength, or overall conditioning and athleticism.

This program has been compared to CrossFit but without the injuries. We have developed a program that regardless of your fitness level we can support your goal to increase lean muscle mass, lose weight, strengthen your body, or simply increase your cardiovascular level. This program consists of high intensity, low impact movements. You will see results, and feel yourself getting stronger within your first two weeks

Next Level Coaching Memberships

This program focuses heavily on the youth within our community, let it be an athlete, or just a child who may need some inspiration. Sessions are designed to provide each youth with life skills and strategies to help them conquer the world.

ACL/MCL Recovery

This program is one that is one that we are all familiar with as coaches, or athletes.  This program is one that we have our kids go through a series of exercises that were developed to strengthen the knee, and the surrounding muscles so that we can begin to minimize injuries within our athlete population as see our kids play longer and without injury

Speed Dynamics

Speed Dynamics is a youth program designed for elementary through high school age students who want to develop their speed, agility, strength, and quickness.

This program was developed for our kids to become stronger, faster, explosive and more flexible.  We have a 12-phase program that will push our kids to become much more athletic and more coordinated.  All kids can use this type of training, and we will immediately get their quick twitch fibers working.  They will become a better athlete… #SPEED KILLS

Silver Fitness

Silver Fitness is a low impact, innovative, yet effective fitness program for our senior citizens. This program is designed to assist them on their journey of staying flexible, strong, and balanced.

*MUST provide a 30-day notice when canceling membership.