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ACL/MCL Training

TRAINING LOCATION:   2399 S. Pacific Hwy   |    Medford, OR 97501

This is how most ACL or MCL scenarios start out. Our kids are training hard, working out to be in the best shape possible.  They are full of anticipation and excitement for their current or upcoming season; and then with one explosive move, instead of playing the game that they worked so hard to become good at they could be going through reconstructive surgery and then extensive therapy.  

You will never be prepared until you are prepared.  No player regardless of age, skill level, or achievements is protected against knee injury unless they start protecting their knees now, and on a regular basis.

My daughter was ranked #1 in the country for her grade level in 2018, and then #3 in 2019, she played in the Platinum 17U division as a 14-year-old. I share this information based upon we did not envision that an ACL/MCL injury would become a part of her journey.  Being in great shape, and playing in multiple sports does not guarantee that an MCL or ACL injury would not incur. 

Through extensive research, development, and dialogue with Orthopedic surgeons and Physical Therapists the goal of NEXT LEVEL ACL/MCL is to provide a program to get ahead of all these potential knee injuries and provide a program to strengthen the knees and help our athletes develop a strategy to minimize a knee injury from possibly happening to them. 

The secondary part of this program is to support the physical therapists with their patients. Once the athlete has cleared the therapy sessions and it's up to the athlete to get back into playing shape, our programming will support them mentally and physical to get to their optimal level.  

The athlete has to get back into not only playing shape, but mentally they need to prepare themselves for getting back at doing something that they love.  The hardest part of making a comeback is developing a belief in that they can do what they used to do, that their body is back to full potential, and that they are truly ready to be back.  

We are focused on utilizing techniques, strategies, through NEXT LEVEL Training, NEXT LEVEL Life coaching, Sports Metrics, and PEP to get our athletes back to their best possible place.  We are motivated to help them through this entire process, by working alongside the Physical therapist, and surgeons to develop the best possible plan for the athlete’s recovery. 

Through the extensive research it was also identified that the injuries not only occur based upon not incorporating the appropriate strength training tactics, but also the lack of specific stretching and warm ups.  This starts with the practice sessions, and incorporating a minimum of 15 minutes of the proper stretching techniques. 

With our programming we do not want to wait for an injury to occur, we will provide an evaluation to identify if the knees are at a potential risk for injury.  As stated earlier, a knee injury is potentially one hard cut, or one explosive move away from happening.  With this evaluation we can identify if they need to get into the strength training program to get the foundation around the knee stronger, and more resilient.


Our ACL / MCL program includes:

  • A free knee evaluation (approx. 15-20 minutes)
  • Preventative Knee Therapy sessions –  $80 per month
    • 2 sessions per week (30-minute session)
    • Training will consist of
      • Hamstring/Quad/Calf work
      • Balance
      • Strength training
Preventative Knee Therapy