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TRAINING LOCATION:  2399 S. Pacific Hwy, Medford OR 97501


This is a program that will build the quick twitch fibers which all athletes need to perform at a higher level. This program has twelve phases, which work in conjunction to develop the correct fibers to increase speed, quickness, acceleration, recovery, and overall explosiveness on the court, or within any sport. This program will also minimize the potential for injury based on the development of the ancillary muscles surrounding the primary muscles that are used daily.

If an athlete can develop their quick twitch fibers early in their athletic career, they can have an advantage over most of their peers. Speed Dynamics helps develop these fibers by providing:

- Increased top end speed

- Lateral and overall quickness

- Burst off the line, off the dribble, etc.…,

- Exceptional footwork

- Increased body coordination

- Accelerated recovery

- Improved balance

- Increased strength

Our goal is to train the athlete in a way that they are simulating the movements necessary within their sport; this allows the athlete to become more prepared and athletically capable. Speed Dynamics is applicable not only to basketball, but to football, baseball, volleyball, and soccer!

NEXT LEVEL Speed Dynamics training will include the following:

1. Quick Twitch Fiber development
2. Increased vertical jump
3. Strength Training
4. Static strength development
5. Increased Top end SPEED
6. Increased Endurance
7. 3 Tiered Plyometric work
8. Advanced Calesthenics

9. Weight Training
10. Advanced Footwork
11. Overall conditioning
12. Increased Lateral quickness
13. ACL/MCL strengthening exercises
14. Increased Flexibility and Stretching therapy
16. Goal setting
17. Increased Self - Confidence


*MUST provide a 30-day notice when canceling membership.

Travel Team Member

Speed Dynamics Membership $50/ month

 - 3 sessions per week

Active LAB Member

Speed Dynamics Membership $50/ month

+ $50/month per additional family member

2 sessions per week

  • Active LAB member - $50/month
  • Active LAB member + 1 family member - $100/month
  • Active LAB member + 2 family members - $150/month

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Non-LAB Member

 Speed Dynamics Membership $80/ month

+ $50/month per additional family member

2 sessions per week

  • Non-LAB member - $80/month
  • Non-LAB member + 1 family member - $130/month
  • Non-LAB member + 2 family members - $180/month

Platinum Membership

 Speed Dynamics Membership $125/ month

+ $50/month per additional family member

Unlimited sessions per week

  • Single membership - $125/month
  • Single membership + 1 family member - $175/month
  • Single membership + 2 family members - $225/month

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