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Wellness Program

NEXT LEVEL Wellness Program is made for the busy employee who has a tight and hectic schedule and is continuously trying to find ways to get themselves into some form of a workout routine.  There are employers who are also motivated to provide a program for their employees through a Wellness program.  

We have over a decade and a half on how to incorporate lunch time fitness programming, and provide weekly challenges to monthly challenges to keep your employees active and focused on their overall well-being.  

Our program will come onsite and provide some simple strategies that will create a healthy experience for your employees, but most importantly eliminate the excuses that we all have used.  Wellness programs have been proven to eliminate Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Workers Comp claims, and Prescribed Drug use.  

Our programming has been also used as a source for showing a strong retention strategy for its employees.  With unemployment being so low how do you separate your company from the other, with all things being relatively equal, the company who shows they are concerned for their employee’s health and happiness, most likely will win over that employee.

Reach out to us and allow us to do a company assessment and we can provide you with some options as to what your employees could use and will benefit from at their workplace.

We would provide a program either in the early morning, or during their lunch hour right onsite.  Its going to be a blast for your employees. As an example, we provide but are not limited to BMI assessments, Weight loss challenges, Yoga, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Seminar, or Fitness Training.

Wellness Program