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The LAB is focusing upon the needs of our youth, our goal is to create something that is bigger than those that founded and operated The Lab.  Our goal is to create something that is sustainable from one generation to the next.

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The LAB Elite will revolutionize youth sports in the Rogue Valley. It was developed to provide athletes a platform to play against the nation’s best high school basketball players while working diligently to help the athlete develop an athletic resume, understand scholastic requirements, and increase experience for college scholarships. This is rigorous skill development program that will prepare the athletes to compete at the highest level. It will also help them become strong, high-character, over-achieving individuals who will contribute to the community and the rest of the world.


  • The LAB offers a series of advanced specialty clinics such as, but not limited to:
    • Advanced
    • Offensive skill work
      • Body Angles
      • Attack Angles
      • Decoy Moves
      • Perimeter to lane techniques
    • Shooting
      • Ball to pocket Speed
      • Bounce to pocket speed
      • Evasive shooting techniques
      • Catch to Pocket speed
      • Attacking with angles
    • Advance ball handling
      • Off-hand protection
      • Step backs and Step throughs
      • Counter Moves
      • Wing series techniques
    • Defensive Practice
      • Close out
      • On ball defense
      • Open Court defense
      • Defending the Post
      • Defending the Face cut
      • Defending the perimeter
      • Defending the passing lines
      • Defensive angles

These sessions are ideal for all levels of players, and we start this program at the 3rd grade level. We believe that the basic fundamentals can be taught, learned, and retained at any level.


Our goal is to work on, integrate, and provide, the correct shooting form, posture, and release, with every shot. We want to help our athletes develop good shooting habits and we work hard to ensure that they get the right amount of reps to be as successful as possible.


The LAB focuses on teaching the correct shooting techniques and mechanics. Having the proper mind set during class will transfer over to the game: Are we “shot ready” every time? Do we have an established shooting pocket? Do we incorporate the appropriate foot work? Are we driving our elbow through the ball? How’s the extension and release? Do we hold the extension and follow our shots? The answer should be “yes” every time! 


The LAB focuses on this key component, which is often missed: knowing and understanding when to use the jab/pump fakes series. This class focuses on properly using the pivot to create space and an advantage over a defender. Footwork isn’t just about positioning, it’s also about speed, both laterally and baseline to baseline. In addition, in this class we learn and practice: 

  • Direct step penetration
  • Indirect step attack moves
  • Pivot work
  • Close out
  • On ball footwork
  • Punch step
  • Jab Step


This workshop focuses on ball handling drills. It incorporates footwork and some passing techniques, but our primary goal is to increase the speed and control of the athlete’s bounce. We focus on control, posturing/levels, “eyes up”, and a lot of “blow-by” techniques from the point guard position as well as from the wing position.  

All of our drills are game applicable. If it can’t be done in a game, we don’t work on it. Our goal is to eliminate the “dancing” with the ball and defender and teach our athletes to make their move and get past quickly.   



This is a program that will build the quick twitch fibers which all athletes need to perform at a higher level. This program has twelve phases, which work in conjunction to develop the correct fibers to increase speed, quickness, acceleration, recovery, and overall explosiveness on the court, or within any sport. This program will also minimize the potential for injury based on the development of the ancillary muscles surrounding the primary muscles that are used daily.

If an athlete can develop their quick twitch fibers early in their athletic career, they can have an advantage over most of their peers. Speed Dynamics helps develop these fibers by providing:

  • Increased top end speed
  • Lateral and overall quickness
  • Burst off the line, off the dribble, etc.…,
  • Exceptional footwork
  • Increased body coordination
  • Accelerated recovery
  • Improved balance
  • Increased strength

Our goal is to train the athlete in a way that they are simulating the movements necessary within their sport; this allows the athlete to become more prepared and athletically capable. Speed Dynamics is applicable not only to basketball, but to football, baseball, volleyball, and soccer!


The LAB has partnered with several feeder programs. A feeder is a team that is associated with your local high school, recreational league, or any youth team related group. We have worked diligently to provide training and coaching to many of the programs throughout the Rogue Valley. We want all youth sports in the Rogue Valley to increase their standings and be successful.