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The LAB is proud to introduce the Team LAB competitive, elite-level youth basketball and AAU programs. Team LAB basketball is a comprehensive program designed to integrate our training curriculum with on-court competition, as well as instill a professional level of conduct that will benefit the athletes beyond their basketball years. Our commitment is to provide opportunities for youth to develop their full potential through athletic competition with the guidance of our experienced coaches.

Currently, we are fielding the following teams:

  • 4/5th Girls Gold
  • 5th Boys Gold
  • 5th Boys Onyx
  • 6th Boys Gold
  • 7th Girls Gold
  • 8th Boys Onyx
  • 15U Boys Gold
  • 17U Boys Black

We will post any upcoming tryouts on this page throughout the year.
Please contact us for more information about Team LAB basketball.


6th grade and below (boys and girls) 
Season 1: January 1st- March 31st
Season 2: April 1st- June 1st
Season 3: August 1st- September 30th
Season 4: October 1st- December 31st


7/8th boys
Season 1: March 1st- June 1st
Season 2: July 1st- October 31st
7/8th girls
Season 1: March 1st- June 1st
Season 2: August 1st- September 30th
Season 3: December 1st- February 28th


High School (boys and girls)
Season 1: March 1-June 1st
Season 2: July 1st- October 31st


5th Grade Boys - Team Onyx


15U - Boys Team Gold


17U - Boys Team Black


6th Grade Boys - Team Gold


8th Grade Boys - Team Onyx


16U - Girls Team



$30 tournament fee - 1 day tournament and League play

$45 tournament fee - Travel tournament

(Tournament fees are the same regardless of team age group or gender.)

*MUST provide a 30-day notice when canceling membership.







"We sought out The LAB nearly a year ago. Our then 12 year old son was struggling with his confidence and losing his love of basketball. He was listening to others telling him he wasn’t good enough and letting it get to him.  We knew we needed to find a place where he could not only receive the best basketball training, but also where he would be built up and learn to rely on his own belief system, not what others would say.  Within a couple of months of training we could see what an impact The LAB was having, not only in his ability on the court, but also in his demeanor on the court. He stood taller, shrugged off mistakes instead of letting them change his game, and most of all showed how much he loved the game again.  He has become a better teammate, encouraging his peers, a better friend, sticking up for others when needed, and a better leader both on and off the court. The impact The LAB has on these boys to be the best young men in all aspects of life is remarkable. The opportunities that have been made available to these teams are a blessing. We’ve said many times that The LAB has been one of the best investments we have made for our son. It is so much more than basketball and we are forever grateful for the part that Sherman Hunter and The LAB has played in our son’s life."  

"I'm messaging you because I wanted to let you know what your hard work and passion has done for our daughter.  I’m terrible with wording things when there is so much to say but here I go.....

You are absolutely one of a kind incredible coach and motivator.  You have changed my daughter's life in such a positive way!  You have given her a new kind of confidence and love for basketball. You see her for who she is and you go with it.  No judgment on her unique personality.  You have given her what she has been needing in order to really grow and follow through and learn to work hard to get the skills and knowledge for the beautiful game of basketball.  You have given her the tools for her to see she can do it! That she can be successful and has a chance to play in college.  I know she doesn’t necessarily show you but she loves you and all that you do for her.    I just can’t say enough.  You are amazing.  You have been my daughter's light.  Savior.  Her basketball angel.   You are incredible.  The valley is very lucky to have you.  My daughter is lucky to have you.   We love you and appreciate all you have done for the youth basketball community."