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Our training format is one that has been developed over two decades and has very positive results with our players, and parents:


Our first strategy was to determine how to break down the players in a format that would allow them to feel comfortable, welcomed into the program, but most importantly given the appropriate attention to monitor and manage their technique at all times.


We breakdown our training sessions in 4 categories:
  • Level 1 Training is specific to and geared for all kids from 2nd grade to 6th grade
  • Level 2 Training is specific to all kids at the middle school age, and that's from 7th grade to 8th grade
  • Level 3 Training is specific to all high school athletes, which covers grades 9th through 12th grade
  • Level 4 Training is specific to players in our program who our staff would assess and evaluate as more advanced

As you enter your children into their training sessions please adhere to the classification and place them within the appropriate age group.  We will monitor those athletes that may be more advanced, or require more entry level training within their appropriate classification.  The trainers will adjust their training methods to accommodate each athlete appropriately.


The philosophy of The LAB staff is very simple: We want to teach all our athletes how to play basketball. We have three goals:


We want our athletes to be the most fundamentally sound players on the floor. They play defense as it should be played, they have outstanding ball control, correct shooting form, minimal turnovers, and they play smart.


Our athletes can play in any system; we don’t teach them plays we teach them how to play. The drills we administer are game applicable drills only. If it won’t help you in a game, we don’t teach it, and we believe in the rep system. 


We want to teach them to value being a good person with a high moral compass. We make them work, we do not allow for continued bad habits, and we teach them that hard work makes anything achievable. We want to make sure that they are a person of high character and integrity so that they make the best choices possible.