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Sherman W. Hunter II -  Owner/Operator, Executive Visionary

What does “THE LAB” mean to me? Why am I here? 

The LAB means everything to me; it offers the ability to make a difference to not just a few individuals, but to the community. I have dreamed about doing something like this for over two decades. Being able to positively mentor our youth provides a successful future for them and our community. As a parent of three children, I know how important it is to find ways to inspire our kids.

My coaching experiences have exposed me to high level basketball across the country: Salt Lake City, Denver, Seattle, San Diego, and Portland. This exposure allowed me to absorb information from a professional level of coaching, training, and physical fitness. Each city offered its own philosophy of how the game should be played, and how it should be taught.


My role:

My role is to find what each player needs individually to discover and develop their identity not only as a basketball player, but as a person. My goal is to teach them how to play this game at an elite level, and with a respect for the game an appreciation for hard work.


I am the Oregon Director for Phenom America, which means I am continuously looking for the top talent in Oregon to come to our skills clinic. This would qualify them to go to the National Qualifier camp for Phenom America that takes place in San Diego every year. Our goal is to increase every player’s exposure to as many opportunities possible to enhance their resume for college.

As the owner of The LAB, and Next Level University I have a very specific goal, dream, vision for the youth within the Valley.  There are so many kids love the game of basketball, and families that would like to provide their children with the best methods possible to learn how to play this game, as well as place them within a safe, productive, and effective learning environment.
My goal is to provide a program that will allow for kids to achieve the following:
  • Advanced basketball skill training
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Development of purposeful Life Skills
  • AAU sanctioned competitive club team play
  • Development of an athletic resume
  • Identified process and pathway to help kids achieve their dreams of possibly playing ball in college
I have learned a lot over the years, but will never claim to know it all, nor live in the illusion that I can please everyone, but I am so motivated to provide a positive experience for the kids, and this community. I will commit myself to always making it be about the kids, while providing them with an opportunity to apply themselves and work alongside other kids who love this game equally as much.


Photos by: Danny Hall