Why The Lab 2019-06-14T12:13:41-07:00

Unfortunately, many basketball players in the Rogue Valley have not had the opportunity to develop their skills at an elite level because there has been no facility or program to meet those needs. I’ve witnessed so many kids with phenomenal talent but with no guidance as to how to develop and use their gifts to achieve their goals. How will we, in the Rogue Valley, compete with the big cities of the West Coast?

Families are leaving the Rogue Valley and moving to the larger cities, so their children can receive training and the opportunity to play with, and against, strong and talented players. The Rogue Valley has had no place for these kids to develop their skills, until now. The LAB will develop local youth talent, offer scholastic opportunities, and create a sustainable legacy.



Photos by: Danny Hall


"My son is a different player than he was a year ago before he starting training with the LAB. He’s confident, without being arrogant; he’s aggressive and gives 100% at every practice and training; and, most importantly, he understands overall the importance of maintaining a good attitude and being an encouragement to his team and his peers. The coaches have instilled in these kids that the LAB is not just about basketball, but about so much more than that. Every practice, every game, every play, every move on and off the court is an opportunity for them to show more than just their skills, but their core values. I’m excited to see this program develop; the vision Coach Hunter has for this program has unlimited potential to provide a tremendous resource for the youth in the Rogue Valley."


"As a mother to a young lady who has found a love of basketball, we were desperate to find help for her. Where we live there was no help nor any kind of basketball programs to help these youth improve.  We were very blessed to have met Sherman hunter Spring 2017 and he has turned our small world upside down. My daughter has been now working with the lab since last August 2017, and let me tell you.... it has changed her world! She is learning things she has never been taught, and the skills she is learning and continues to learn have built her confidence on and off the basketball court.  She is not just learning basketball skills, she is being taught life skills as well.  We are truly grateful to the Lab for all they have done and continue to do for my daughter."